Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who is that Masked Man?

Harry Miles is a medically retired fighter pilot who lives near San Antonio, Texas.  Like all of us, he battles complex questions in his life.

Harry received quite a bit of notoriety concerning his exploits during an air battle in the skies over Iraq. During that air battle, Harry found himself in the battle of a lifetime.  There he was, at 35,000 feet above ground level, facing not one but eight SU-27 Soviet-era flanker aircraft piloted by Iranian pilots.  He did receive some help from a nearby Air Warning and Control Systems aircraft in the area, but pilots all over the world refer to Harry in hushed tones as one of the great fighter pilots in the post 9/11 era.  Whenever pilots talk about great air battles, the subject of Harry's conflict with the Iranian fighters arises.

If they know, many would be surprised at Harry's battles with his own confidence and his feelings of unworthiness.

Now he finds himself in the San Antonio, Texas working as a freelance private detective.  It seems unusual to most of the people who know Harry that he choose to be a Private Eye because of certain restrictions the State of Texas placed on his Private Investigators license.   Restrictions that no self-respecting investigator would allow.

There were some major aircraft manufacturers who wanted Harry to work for them because of his exploits over Iraq.  Harry has politely declined those offers.  

Harry works out of his house in Universal City, Texas and spends a major portion of his time battling demons. 

Harry is hard at work though doing research and planning a presentation which will give him his first big case.  If successful, Harry stands to receive a very large fee and provide victims of a killer justice. 
A novella, "Harry's War"  explains Harry's air battle, the aftermath, and his own personal fall from grace.

Who is that Masked Man?  What will he do next?

Many people are asking that question, particularly fighter pilots in the RAF.

To learn about his background, you can download "Harry's War" by Ed Benjamin at all eBooksellrs.

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  1. Sounds very much like a Tom Clancy thriller. Just a cursory look at the news and you can see an epic air battle coming.