Sunday, April 22, 2012

The F-15C Eagle Fighter Plane is a Mean Machine!

I was privilege to be a part of the acquisition team which bought the F-15 Eagle for the United States Air Force (USAF).  From 1972 until 1974, I was a member of the acquisition and responsible for providing technical training and training equipment to train Air Force maintenance personnel on how to provide preventative maintenance and to repair unserviceable items on and off the airplane.

Then in the period 1977 to1981, I served as a senior maintenance officer at Bitburg Air Base in Germany supervising those valiant men and women who serviced, repaired and loaded missiles and ammo on the F-15.  While there, the wing transferred its F-15 A and B models for F-15 C and D models while still maintaining our defense posture to counter the Soviet threat.

The Soviet Union sought the counter the threat posed by the F-15 by designing, building and deploying the SU-27 Flanker (NATO designation).  Many air experts felt that the SU=27 Flanker was superior to the F-15 . . . but do not ever tell an Eagle Driver that. 

The F-15 acquitted itself well during both of the conflicts with Iraq and after the First Gulf War was the primary force performing Combat Air Patrol. (CAP).    

It is a well-known fact that to avoid fighting, many of Saddam Hussein's pilots flew their Soviet era planes to Iran.

My imagination wondered one day what would happened, with tensions mounting between the US and Iran, if Iran tried to take on the F-15 during a CAP patrol over Iraq. 

Would skill or technology prevail?

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  1. Just finished reading Harry's War and I wanted to drop by and say thanks for an excellent read!

    While I'd like to see more of Harry's adventures, my favorite part was the actual dogfight. If you decide to write a military action novel or short, I'd certainly be interested in reading it!

    Well written, well edited, and quite enjoyable! Good job!

    1. Brandon,

      Thank you very much for the kind comments. I am at work on Harry's adventures, but also have been considering another novella featuring Bulldog's exploits during the Gulf War.

      As a writer I am always grateful when a reader appreciates my work.